We love wood and what we do

Truong Thang Team is determined to build a community of people who share the same passion, love what they do and inspire healthy lifestyles to more and more people through responsible production. And Truong Thang Team always preserves sustainable values for future generations.

Technical Team

Truong Thang Technical Team's work requires a harmony between creativity and reality. The passion for design gives us tremendous motivation of exploring, discovering to develop new solutions that help improve life and create memorable experiences for each customer.

Production Team

As close friends and long-term attachment with wood, we have enough insight and ability to perceive the beauty of this material that enables us to create sustainable and valuable furniture products.

Operation Team

Professional - Credibility - Responsibility is what customers can think of when talking about us. We always try to fulfill those commitments for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.

Sale & Marketing Team

The familiar relationship is the key to bring us closer to our customers. Understanding their needs and expectations for the product can help us to propose solutions that suitable for their requirements, interests and lifestyle.

Back Office Team

Challenges at work have helped us training sharp thinking, observation ability and problem-solving skills. We are constantly looking for the right factors to jointly guide the future of the company.