Turnkey Service

Packaged furniture solution for your home

We call this interior furnishing service an all-in-one solution for busy urban residents. You simply contact us and get all you need for a complete interior space that is designed, produced and constructed by just a company with strictly controlled quality and price.

The values we bring to you

  • Design solutions available
  • Consultation for final concept in just 2 hours
  • Diverse budget plan options
  • European & American export standard furniture
  • Fast delivery and installation
  • Warranty up to 36 months
  • Renovation and renewal services

Valuable interior ecosystem Truong Thang provide a total interior furnishing solution with a complete furniture ecosystem for a house with:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Living room furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Wooden door
  • Engineered wood flooring

All products are manufactured directly in our 20,000sqm factory and meet European and American export standards for design, material quality and health safety. In addition, we also provide you with a complete solution to the ceiling – wall – floor and technical system, creating a fully equipped living space.

Selected premium materials


Natural wood and veneer sources are selected from the healthiest plantations in the harsh climates of Europe and North America. Only the highest quality, most beautiful trees can be selected as the surface adornment of interior products that complement your personal style.

Our cut-to-size technology combines harmonious wood-pattern decoration and edge-to-edge decoration, allowing us to create delicate furniture pieces that express your personal mark.

Diverse customization of the furniture


Products in our furniture ecosystem can be fully customized such as our living kitchen, wall-mounted shelves that can be hung horizontally and vertically depending on your preferences, desks cum dressing tables, wooden stool that can be used for decoration, storage and seat…

This flexible customization allows our products to adapt to your needs now and with future changes. The cabinets system with a modular structure allows for easy adjustment, adding or removing modules or replacing a part when damaged without having to dismantle the whole.

Increase the value of your house

Wooden furniture, with its unique and distinctive character is a work of art that is timeless and has a lasting translational value. The luxurious beauty of wood contributes to elevating the living space to become more classy and comfortable while still being harmonious, friendly and healthy. Interior finishing solution is researched and developed by Truong Thang so that the investment budget is optimally controlled while improving the house's value by at least 20-30% when renting or transferring in the future.

Professional project management


Our well-trained, professional team commits to strictly comply with delivery and installation schedule with completion time within a maximum of 45 days.

Besides, small adjustments can still be flexibly made according to your needs without any problems.

The construction process also does not affect the living of your family and neighborhoods.

We care about every item of furniture in your home for many years


With our renovation and renewal service, you can buy more individual furniture products or replace certain items with new solutions from Truong Thang after a period of use. We are excited to offer new options, designs according to your preferences.