Modern kitchen cabinet solution for urban space

Urban Kitchen

Price as demo: 269.287.600VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Walnut

Kitchen Layout:


Urban modern wooden kitchen cabinets
  • High aesthetics and practicality design, suitable for customers who often use kitchen
  • Leading functional solutions for efficient cooking
  • The kitchen cabinet system is suitable for apartments, villas,…
  • Materials: North American Oak / Walnut wood, no warping, good termite resistance.
  • 3-year warranty and periodic maintenance.
  • The above price does not include the divider tray and kitchen equipment such as induction cooker, range hood, sink, faucet, etc.

Are you a housewife in a modern urban place? Do you love the kitchen but sometimes get tired of cooking? Many times when you finish cooking, you no longer feel delicious? That’s because you’ve spent too much time and energy in the kitchen. Truong Thang understands the problems you are facing. And that is the driving force behind us to launch Urban modern wooden kitchen cabinets. A companion, effective support for you in all stages of cooking.

The truth is that the more time you spend in the kitchen, the more time you waste on other meaningful things. Even if you are a kitchen lover, you still have to admit that cooking takes up a lot of our time during the day, right! Especially with a disorganized kitchen, you’ll likely find things even worse. Bottles are scattered, and knives and chopping boards are disordered. Or from the refrigerator to the preparation table is too far, so the food is also surrounded while moving. Are you tired of all of the above? Truong Thang Urban modern wooden kitchen cabinets will help you thoroughly solve these problems.


Urban modern wooden kitchen cabinets – Practical design with bold urban breath


1. Urban design – Aesthetic and practical

Urban modern wooden kitchen cabinets thoroughly solve the problems of operation process, storage space and delicate aesthetics. All is clearly shown through the layout and hardware. Make cooking to be an endless passion.

  • Optimizing space thanks to smart kitchen layout

The original concept with a dynamic U-shaped kitchen layout allows efficient use of space in the kitchen. The cycle of bringing food from the refrigerator to preparation and processing is continuous. This design follows the verification of the Kitchen Triangle and Workflow principle. Completely eliminate the possibility of spillage, keeping the highest hygiene for your kitchen. This saves cleaning time. And best of all, this smooth, seamless cycle boosts your cooking performance. The reason is that Urban kitchen layout can reduce by up to 30% of moving distance compared to a conventional kitchen.

The layout helps to clearly divide the functions of the zones, allowing you to configure the storage based on the need in each processing step, as well as the frequency of use. For example, you will need the basket under the writing desk; sanitary ware under the sink; patch, stir-fry shovel next to the stove… All have been researched and properly arranged by Truong Thang experts. The purpose of our efforts is to ease your kitchen burden.


U-shaped kitchen layout with scientific functional subdivisions to reduce cooking time


An inverse option with a handleless cabinet door and light veneer. That gives a poetic highlight for the kitchen.

  • High-class amenities come from the smallest details

Accessories determine the quality of kitchen cabinets. Understanding this, Truong Thang has prioritized the selection and combination of accessories imported directly from Europe. Hinges, drawer rails, lifting arms… are selected and rigorously tested by us in terms of load capacity, opening/closing. Guaranteed to eliminate most common problems in kitchen cabinets such as sagging wings, noise when closing, drawers sagging… With high-quality accessory solutions, Urban modern kitchen cabinets can be used for up to 25+ years.


The solution of the straight base hinge is compatible with glass door cabinets, sturdy and durable


Small but capable of withstanding high loads


The cabinet door closes extremely smoothly thanks to the door buffers


Large under-mounted sink with anti-fouling, safe for health

  • Kitchen cabinet handles – An inseparable part

Modern and heavily used kitchen cabinets like Urban are certainly indispensable for handles. The installation of handles is not only part of the design of the kitchen. It also helps to limit direct contact with the wood surface for a long time. According to research on Asian kitchen use behavior, our cuisine is sophisticated and in the cooking process often comes in contact with water. Kitchen cabinet handles will act as an intermediary to ensure the hygiene of the kitchen cabinet surface. The stainless steel handle also allows the accessory to be durable and easy to clean.


Handle is an effective solution to minimize direct contact on the surface of kitchen cabinets

  • Effective waterproof aluminum plinth

You can consider this solution as a radical replacement for the kitchen cabinet industry. A new innovation in preventing potential mold risks thanks to the integration of aluminum plinths for kitchen cabinets. This means you can carelessly clean the floor area without worrying about your kitchen could get wet. Aluminum plinth with black paint in the same color as the end panel; creates a uniform and harmonious aesthetic.


Kitchen cabinets system is waterproof thanks to the useful aluminum plinth

2. Incredible Storage Potential

The surprising fact is that kitchen stuff keeps increasing over the years. Blenders, presses, air fryers, toasters, etc. As a kitchen lover, you will certainly not ignore such smart items. And they will take up quite a bit of space in your kitchen if there is no reasonable storage plan. On another beautiful day, you will discover the mess brought about by these devices.


Large drawer 0.9 – 1.2m like a magic bag to store your kitchen “treasure”


Necessary spices and kitchen items are right next to the hob and easy to reach

That’s why we focus on creating large kitchen cabinets, allowing them to store bulky items. Combined with a box-shaped pulley with thin and high walls, it allows to the storage of a large amount of furniture 40% more than a normal drawer. Not only that but the kitchen corner will also be fully utilized thanks to the multi-tier shelving solution. The feature of pulling open the 3/4 angle helps bring all items deep inside out. From there, making access equally easy.


You can even use full capacity of the kitchen corner thanks to the Leman Corner solution


Multi-layer built-in drawers can hold dishes and even large pots and pans, super convenient

And of course, there is no shortage of high cabinets ideal for storing dried food and installing kitchen appliances

3. Durable modern kitchen cabinets from premium materials

Urban modern wooden kitchen cabinets meet strict requirements for durability. In order to effectively achieve product life, Truong Thang team has diligently researched and carefully selected materials. HMR has good resistance to mold and termites. Suitable for long-time use. Meanwhile, the surface covered with imported veneer is an effective solution to limit warping and scaling in wood. At the same time, it enhances the aesthetic value of the entire cabinet system. In addition, the glass door hanging cabinets create a softer and more luxurious effect for the overall kitchen area. The integrated LED light cleverly shows off the creative decorative corner of the homeowner.

Urban modern kitchen cabinets with light oak wood

4. Versatile kitchen cabinet system for urban space

Not only encapsulated in scientific layout and storage, modern Urban modern wooden kitchen cabinets also possess diverse customization capabilities. Depending on the actual space, the layout can be appropriate. You can upgrade your kitchen cabinets with a ceiling system. Or convert the kitchen island shelf system into a convenient integrated dining table. Add a few bar stools and make the kitchen the hub of connections.

In conclusion, Urban modern kitchen cabinets system is an effective solution for urban kitchen space. Help housewives in daily cooking. The kitchen cabinet system is like a companion, providing the most convenience and comfort when working in the kitchen. The product can be customized to suit a variety of spaces from apartments to townhouses or villas…


  • Design, manufacture, and installation of package
  • Finishing only from 15 days
  • 3-years warranty. Lifetime maintenance.

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