Urban natural wood bedroom

Price as demo: 152.268.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak

Refill bed: 21,879,000 đ:

Urban wardrobe: 116.800.000 đ:

Mela nightstand: 8.599.000 đ:

Volar chair: 4.990.000 đ:


Urban natural wood bedroom
  • The bedroom space is aesthetically pleasing & highly practical for urban people
  • The multi-functional intelligent design integrates rest, relaxation, storage, and work functions
  • Materials: Natural Oak/Walnut solid, Natural Oak/Walnut veneer
  • Free shipping
  • 3-years warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance

The natural wood bedroom is designed with the inspiration of pure nature. This is the concept of mind-balancing space in the midst of a noisy city. With the bright wood color regenerating new energy, Urban is also focused on thoroughly optimizing each space corner. So that the bedroom can intelligently integrate workspace, decorative shelves, or large storage compartments without losing the inherent gentle elegance of the ideal resting place.



1. The design to balance and regulate emotions

From the healthiest mature trees of the FSC sustainable forest in Europe & North America. URBAN with its soft tone color creates a feeling of relaxation and regulation of emotions. All of that brings the owner back to the right resting space. 


The color of Natural Oak veneer is mixed on the warm background of Black Oak engineered wood flooring. It gently combines the bright white wall with the color of furniture in the bedroom, and adding the Canapa color of the Pigment-painted bookcase, has created a very poetic and relaxing scene.


Refill bed – Fresh energy renew

Refill bed – As the main to guide the emotions of the room, is an inspiration for the harmonious connection between people and nature. Wood’s air purification creates the ideal environment for good sleep and removes negativity, stress, or tiredness after hours of work. With special features, Oakwood likes dense, hard, durable, and effective against terminates. They give the products timeless values. And that is the perfect choice for people who love natural and benign materials.

2. Multi-functional natural wood bedroom space 

In urban space, every corner is extremely precious. Therefore, the Urban bedroom has the smart integrated design to adapt to more demands of busy customers.

Urban wardrobe – The convergence of 3 functions: storage, garniture & working

Showing excellent storage function with hanging cabinet modules and 2 doors cabinet modules. Urban also integrates a unique display with beautiful glass-door cabinets and open shelves. It allows homeowners to display their favorite handbags and outfits in the best place in the room. Moreover, the Urban wardrobe also integrates an extremely neat working corner. 


Urban wardrobe thoroughly solves the storage function and aesthetics. All through the R&D process of urbanist habits.


Volar chair with a curved back that creates a hug. So, it supports the spine of the person sitting. Volar chair creates a neat beautiful workspace. 

Mela nightstand – “magic box” beside the bed

The Urban natural bedroom is an image of an aesthetic & practical urban bedroom. That is reflected in the wardrobe and also in the unique design of the Mela nightstand. 

In addition, hidden behind a simple look is the dedicated storage capacity: “drawer inside drawer”. Inside the large cabinet outside is an inner drawer with scientifically arranged small drawers. Therefore, that helps avoid confusion between items, increasing ease of accessibility. 


Mela nightstand impresses from form to storage capacity

3. Elaborate and delicate beauty starts with the smallest details

Not only has a sleek and practical design style, but the Urban wardrobe is also attractive by its fashionable beauty and “Look & Touch” emotion. That comes from high-quality veneer and natural wood. In addition, the external beauty and smooth experience of high-quality accessories are one of the factors that make up the quality of the bedroom combo. 

wadroboe-Natural wood bedroom

Urban wardrobe is beautiful with Oak veneer. Furthermore, the natural wood grain has curved to create accents for the space to be more impressive.


The system of the straight-base hinge and power lift arm of Blum is applied in Urban wardrobe’s motion system 

In conclusion, Truong Thang has flexibly applied all bedroom furniture. Thereby bringing synchronization to the space while ensuring the optimal area. It provides the maximum comfort experience for precious moments of rest. 

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  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • Free shipping within Ho Chi Minh City
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance