Slender and light beauty

Volar chair

Price as demo: 4.990.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Champagne Oak



Volar wooden dining chair
  • Suitable for various types of modern table
  • The product is delicately finished to every corner
  • Minimalist design, embraces body shape
  • Materials: Oak, North American Walnut
  • Seat cushion: fabric or high-quality leather upholstery, soft support

Volar natural wooden dining chair is an iconic design that combines natural wood materials. Moreover, it is also a combination of unique geometric elements and elongated legs that have sturdy diagonal cushion support.



1. Wooden dining chair crafted from North American woods

Healthy natural Oak and Walnut tree trunks from North American plantations are the main materials of the Volar wooden dining chair. In fact, this wood group has outstanding advantages in durability, good termite resistance. Especially, it is suitable for Vietnam’s climate. In fact, the source of planted timber and obtained FSC certificate on sustainable forest management and exploitation. In particular, the E1, CARB P2 certifications ensure the material is safe for the health of the user.


The Oak tone creates a gentle and elegant beauty for the Volar wooden dining chair


Meanwhile, the deep brown tone of the walnut brings a warmer and more luxurious look to the house

2. Design support for the spine of the person sitting


Featuring an iconic design, the Volar wooden dining chair combines natural wood materials with distinctive geometric elements. Specifically, the distinctive design with elongated legs and sturdy diagonal cushion support. Furthermore, the wooden back of the chair bends to form a curve to support the spine. Therefore, the design function can help to bring comfort to the users.

3. Unique artistic highlight for your dining room

In addition to being furniture with the function of supporting. This function helps users to enjoy food comfortably. Moreover, the chair is also a unique work of art. Additionally, the combination of chairs with different models of Truong Thang dining tables. All together will bring a distinct aesthetic effect. This product is not only fit for modern interior style, but also a highlight in an eclectic space.

4. Outstanding durability of natural wood dining chair

In conclusion, the Volar wooden dining chair has outstanding durability. Particularly, the wood has been treated to perfection, both creating a durable beauty and ensuring the quality of the product system. Therefore, it can dispel the owner’s worries about warping, shrinking, or expanding problems. You can also clean and care this product easily with soft cloth. With a strong cover layer of lacquer paint, Volar chair is water-proof and can be use for a long time.


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
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  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime Maintenance