WD02 Working Desk

Price as demo: 32.604.000VNĐ



Beautiful WD02 wooden working desk for home

  • Materials: HMR lacquer painted with natural Oak veneer
  • Color: Canapa with Charcoal Oak
  • Free shipping
  • 3-Year warranty

Dimensions wide (w) x high (h) x deep (d)

  • 600 x 750 x 450mm
  • 900 x 750 x 450mm
  • 1200 x 750 x 450mm
  • 1500 x 750 x 450mm
  • 1800 x 750 x 450mm
  • 2100 x 750 x 450mm

WD02 wooden working desk for home is a smart home working desk with a convenient 90° rotating design. WD02 is a great application for small and medium spaces, providing plenty of office space, storing devices and documents. The product has a variety of sizes and rich expansion options. And as a result, it can easily perform many functions of a TV cabinet…


In fact, Oak / Walnut wood combined with a harmonious and elegant White lacquer cabinet is the main material of the WD02 wooden working desk production system. Additionally, with sophisticated design and harmonizing aesthetics, WD02 wooden working desk for home is the highlight of the space exhibition and the pride of the owner.

1. Smart wooden working desk space design


WD02 smart wooden working desk for home can be straightened or rotated 90° conveniently

Truong Thang WD02 wooden working desk for home includes a document cabinet connected to a minimalist desk. Besides, the creative color contrast is the unique application of this desk. When not in use, users just need to fold the wooden table. Moreover, all the drawers have integrated push-button tip-on solutions and upgraded Blum rails. As a result, they can have a smooth directional movement.

2. Multi-functional wooden working desk for home


WD02 can become a corner of a bedroom and a beautiful modern dressing table

In fact, WD02 wooden working desk for home has a variety of sizes and rich expansion options. As a result, the product can easily perform many functions of a TV cabinet. Concurrently, it can also transform into a luxurious dressing table right in the bedroom.

With smart design of modules, this working desk can be dismantled easily. You can also set up each of compartment of WD02 separately for a specific function of use. This solution helps keep your space neat and clear. 

3. Combination of natural wood materials and unique lacquer paint

Furthermore, the producer has crafted the top of the desk from natural healthy Oak and Walnut tree trunks from North American plantations. In fact, this wood group has outstanding advantages of durability, good termite resistance. Especially, it is suitable for Vietnam’s climate. Source of planted timber and obtained FSC certificate on sustainable forest management and exploitation.

As for the filing drawer system, the design is made from E1, CARB P2 certified materials. Of course, the product can ensure safe materials for users’ health. Not only that, the monochromatic tone handle creates a subtle highlight for the cabinet system. Concurrently, it has a high-quality Blum slide rails for smooth, quiet opening and closing.


  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • Free shipping inner city
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime Maintenance

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