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Expandable decorative and storage shelves

The open shelf in the kitchen not only helps increase storage space for commonly used items but also serves as a display point for the homeowner’s favorites in the family kitchen space. With a flexible design in terms of size, material, and color, you can easily apply and enhance the convenience of the kitchen.

Extendable dining table and bar counter

With a dining table or an extended bar counter design in the kitchen, you can create a fully integrated area that is both warm and convenient. Simultaneously, you expand your working and storage space. The impressive material thickness creates a perfect scene from the elegant natural wood. You can choose suitable chairs from our various suggestions to perfectly complement your kitchen.

Kitchen appliances

Consultation and complete kitchen equipment setup for each kitchen space is also a fantastic service provided by Trường Thắng, accompanying homeowners on their journey. Selection based on functionality, spatial arrangement, and more – all are optimized to ensure you experience the joy of cooking in a convenient and excellent environment.

Planning for your own kitchen

Just like cooking, planning and designing your kitchen are entirely based on a unique taste. Because each chef has their own style, uses different tools, and has specific storage needs. Therefore, the kitchen should be perfectly designed according to your individual requirements and preferences. In our list, you will find fundamental questions that you can consider before seeking advice from Truong Thang, allowing you to lay the foundation for planning the perfect kitchen for yourself.