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The City wardrobe boasts a minimalistic and sleek design in the space, making it a suitable choice for those who appreciate the minimalist style. With two versions, hinged doors and sliding doors, along with various color options, the City multifunctional wardrobe caters to a diverse range of needs and preferences of customers.

City wardrobe with hinged doors.

The multifunctional City wardrobe can integrate various additional modules to suit the habits of the homeowner. The cabinet system, as shown in the picture, is paired with a desk/dressing table, serving as a remarkable focal point for the overall ensemble.

With the recessed handle design, homeowners find it convenient to open and close. Additionally, the bright lacquer paint color highlights a youthful and modern aspect of the wardrobe system.

City wardrobe with sliding doors.

The gentle sliding door version blends harmoniously into the space.

The design of these doors allows homeowners to open and close them flexibly, saving space.

City wardrobe

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City wardrobe

  • Type: Wardrobe
  • Door configuration: Hinged doors & siding doors
  • Door: Lacquer
  • Handle: Recessed handles