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The Eternity natural wood bed embodies luxury and sophistication through a language of modern design. Crafted from premium natural wood, Eternity exudes enduring beauty and robust vitality, standing with the time.

Expanding choices for customers, Trường Thắng has developed two versions of the Eternity bed: one in natural wood and the other featuring a fabric-covered headboard. The Eternity bed is suitable for large apartments, townhouses, and villas.

The Eternity bedside view.

The Eternity bed is a fusion of skilled craftsmanship and modern technology. It seamlessly combines serene wood with premium European woven fabric. The harmonious and purposeful blend has created a luxurious Eternity, a place that reflects the unique style of the homeowner.

The Eternity bed, with its appropriate height, creates a space for air circulation, providing a comfortable feeling for users.

Recognizing the common issues with regular beds, Truong Thang has designed the bed legs to be deeply concealed, minimizing collisions when approaching or waking up, while also facilitating easy cleaning.

The fabric headboard version of the Eternity bed adds a touch of softness and enhances overall appeal.

Top view of the bed.

The Eternity bed harmoniously blends with other products in the Truong Thang ecosystem, such as wooden floors, bedside cabinets, and more.

From design to materials and colors, everything contributes to an extremely luxurious and modern overall look, creating a space worthy of investment for precious moments of relaxation.

Eternity bed

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Eternity bed

  • Typology: Bed
  • Bed frame: Natural wood
  • Headboard: Fabric upholstered/ Headboardless

Headboard: Fabric upholstered


It is recommended to use a mattress with a thickness of 150-300mm.