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The Harmony upholstered bed is a completely distinct version compared to other models from Truong Thang. As a unique entity, Harmony still retains the elegance and sophistication characteristic of Truong Thang beds through its design language.

With meticulous research in design, materials, and colors, the Harmony bed seamlessly blends with various spaces, embodying different styles and leaving a distinctive mark on the homeowner’s taste. The Harmony bed suits large apartments, townhouses, villas, and penthouses.

As seemingly standalone pieces in space, modern design allows the Harmony bed to seamlessly integrate with other products within the Truong Thang ecosystem, such as wooden floors, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, and more.

The purposeful design, materials, and colors contribute to creating a bedroom space that is relaxing, luxurious, and elegant – an investment in a quality lifestyle.

The Harmony bed emanates a comfortable harmony through its modern design and impressive colors.

Flexibly combining wood and fabric materials, the Harmony bed exudes a graceful and gently refined charm.

Top view of the bed.

The purposeful arrangement creates a gentle transition between distinct functional areas while maintaining an overall sense of harmony.

The purposeful selection of materials, along with youthful colors and modern design, allows the Harmony bed to blend elegantly with other pieces of furniture.

The Harmony bed can easily adapt to various spaces, leaving a distinctive personal touch for the homeowner.

The Harmony bed is elegant and harmonious yet stands out, providing a feeling of peace every time you come home.

Harmony bed

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Harmony bed

  • Typology: Bed
  • Bed frame: Fabric-covered natural wood
  • Headboard: Fabric upholstered

It is recommended to use a mattress with a thickness of 150-300mm.