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More than just a flooring material, with superior durability compared to conventional wood flooring due to its engineered construction, Truong Thang’s Natural Oak wood flooring also provides an authentic visual and tactile experience with the surface of natural Oak wood. It creates a tranquil, aesthetic, and high-quality living space for homeowners.

The bright hues of Natural Oak wood flooring bring a source of pure inspiration to the space. The long and wide dimensions of the wood planks create a sense of expansiveness. The product is suitable for a variety of interior styles, from classical to modern.

The surface of Natural Oak flooring is finished with an 8-layer UV light-resistant paint, providing durability and scratch resistance, and is coated with aluminum oxide. This structure prevents slipping accidents, especially for the elderly and young children. It is a safe choice and a valuable investment in terms of time.

Natural Oak wood flooring

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Natural oak wood flooring – Natural Oak

  • Type: Natural wood flooring
  • Structure: Engineered
  • Material: 3mm natural Oak wood surface. 9mm Russian Birch plywood bottom layer (specifically designed for Engineered flooring).

Full length: 1500mm x 150mm

Random length: 600/900mm x 150mm

Floor thickness: 12mm

The subfloor is leveled.
The noise-resistant foam layer is 3mm.