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The Neva living room TV cabinet is an essential piece of furniture for any living room. Neva features a modern and liberal design when combining open shelves and drawer systems. Therefore, Neva not only provides a stylish and practical space for placing the TV but also offers storage space for the homeowner’s accessories.

Crafted from natural Oak/Walnut wood, the Neva TV cabinet is suitable for various living spaces, including apartments, townhouses, luxury villas, or penthouses. With its minimalist design, Neva harmonizes with the overall interior, whether you choose a modern or classic style.

In addition, Neva fulfills the storage needs for electronic devices and opens a space for homeowners to decorate.

The Neva wooden TV cabinet features a design with sleek handle-less drawer compartments for a minimalist appearance. The cabinet legs are recessed inward, creating a subtle and rounded effect.

Truong Thang has added glass shelves to the middle compartment to enhance the balance between the two cabinet systems. This detail serves as the focal point of the entire Neva TV cabinet system.

Neva TV cabinet

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Neva TV cabinet