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The Neva natural wood desk is an excellent solution for both small and medium-sized spaces. Beyond providing ample office utility and storage for equipment and documents, Neva stands out as a smart home office desk with its convenient 90° swivel design. The product is available in various sizes and offers a wide range of expansive options. As a result, Truong Thang’s natural wood desk can easily perform multiple functions compared to conventional work desks.

The workspace in the luxury Empire City apartment, Thủ Thiêm, District 2, features the Neva natural wood desk system by Trường Thắng.

Crafted from Oak/Walnut wood materials and complemented by a harmonious and elegant White lacquer cabinet system, the design is meticulous, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Neva serves as a sophisticated focal point in the space and an of pride for the homeowner.

The smart home office desk Neva consists of a file cabinet connected to a minimalist tabletop. The strong contrast of colors creates a strikingly modern effect. When not in use, you can simply fold the wooden tabletop neatly. The cabinet drawers are equipped with a convenient tip-on opening solution and premium Blum sliding rails for smooth and seamless movement.

The Neva wooden desk can be set up straight or conveniently swiveled at a 90° angle.

Neva has various sizes and offers a wide range of expansive options. As a result, the product can easily serve multiple functions, from functioning as a TV cabinet to transforming into an elegant vanity table right in the bedroom.

Neva work desk

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Neva desk