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The combination of veneer and plywood creates a distinctive mark in craftsmanship. Truong Thang effectively leverages the outstanding advantages of German standard materials and accessories, ensuring the Trendy V modern natural wood door aesthetic appeal while minimizing warping, and swelling, and ensuring smooth operation.

The Trendy V natural wood door creates a distinctive spatial effect with its wood veneer material. It is the epitome of modern technology and carefully crafted craftsmanship, arranged by artisans in specific proportions to produce harmonious and balanced floral patterns.

The durable and sturdy structure, featuring Russian Birch plywood, is a prerequisite for Trendy V to be a worthy choice for homeowners.

Accurate profile technology and exquisite surface finishing have created the distinctiveness of Truong Thang’s natural wood doors.

Trendy V natural wood door

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Trendy V natural wood door

  • Type: Wooden door
  • Material: Veneer
  • Door leaf structure: Engineered
  • Frame structure: Engineered

WC door: 790 x 2200 mm

Room door: 910 x 2200 mm

Frame width: 100 – 150 mm | 151-200 mm | 201-300 mm

Door leaf thickness: 42 mm (+-1 mm)

Hinge: Stainless Steel 304

Door Lock: Mechanical lock/ Magnetic lock