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Combining the durability of natural wood, the artistic craftsmanship of manual finishing techniques, and premium accessory solutions from Germany, the Vienna neoclassic wooden door model becomes unique and visually impressive.

Experience a warm and luxurious living space with the unique Vienna neoclassic wooden door, featuring 4 distinct panels, from Trường Thắng.

The 100% natural wood solid design, combined with premium accessory solutions, ensures the Vienna neoclassical wooden door model operates smoothly and remains durable over time.

Attention to detail along with precision in profile technology has created the distinctiveness of Truong Thang’s panel wood doors.

Vienna natural wood door

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Vienna natural wood door

  • Type: Wooden door
  • Material: Natural wood
  • Door leaf structure: Solid
  • Frame structure: Engineered

WC door: 790 x 2200 mm

Room door: 910 x 2200 mm

Frame width: 100 – 150 mm | 151-200 mm | 201-300 mm

Door leaf thickness: 42 mm (+-1 mm)

Hinge: Stainless Steel 304

Door Lock: Mechanical lock/ Magnetic lock