Muse in your bedroom

Muse dressing table

Price as demo: 8.650.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak



Modern wooden dressing table Muse includes
  • Suitable for various bedroom spaces
  • Dressing table
  • Mirror frame
  • Inner drawer divider
  • Material: HMR veneer coated oak/ walnut
  • Hardware: Blum slide rails
  • 3-Year Warranty

Muse modern wooden dressing table possesses an exuberant design with modern characters. Moreover, this is an indispensable accessory that provides the comfort of use and timeless aesthetic value to your bedroom.


1. Crafted from high-grade selective materials

Above all, a clever combination of materials created the Muse beautiful natural modern wooden dressing table . Moisture resistant HMR with standard E1, CARB-P2 shows that formaldehyde concentration is approximately zero. Therefore, it ensures the safety of health and does not pollute the indoor air. Not only that, but HMR also possesses superior properties over wood. It is high stability, has good resistance to warping, shrinkage, and termites.

Meanwhile, the natural beauty of wood is reflected in the surface jewelry from natural wood veneer. Muse modern wooden dressing table with delicate features from the wood pattern is harmonious and meticulous. Moreover, durable FSC-standard natural wood veneer fully possesses the original properties of wood. But the superiority is in the stability of the material because it is thin, and there is no visible shrinkage of the wood.


Modern and sophisticated of Muse natural wooden dressing table

2. Modern wooden dressing table Muse with minimalist and elegant design

The beautiful natural modern wood dressing table is the perfect choice for those who love wood, modern, and minimalist style. In fact, the design is neatly attached to the wall, creating an open feeling for the space and containing your favorite world of cosmetics. Furthermore, wide drawers also allow users to access a wide range of items in a variety of sizes easily. 

With two premium Oak and Walnut options, the Muse modern wooden dressing table is not only durable with high moisture/termite resistance but also safe for the health of the user. The product is suitable for modern bedroom space, apartments, townhouses. Additionally, the slim and wall-mounted design creates a sense of ventilation for the space and does not occupy the usable area.


The product is exquisitely finished down to the smallest detail

3. Thoroughly complete to every detail

However, minimalism is a challenging language. Minimalism requires that the details be truly refined and perfect. With the Truong Thang Muse modern wooden dressing table, the combination between modern technology and craftsmanship has created that perfection. 

Meanwhile, experienced artisans have used the professional CNC system to cut, chamfered, sanded, and then surface finished precisely every corner detail. Therefore, this product can create an authentic visual effect and a touch of nature in every piece of wood.


Integration of Europe’s premium accessory solution

4. High quality and durable accessories

The combination of most advanced accessory solutions, imported from Europe created the Muse dressing table. In fact, the accessory system includes sliding rails, built-in drawers, shock absorbers, wall fittings, mirror frames. Moreover, leading furniture accessories partners have supplied them. As a result, Muse dressing table ensures durability up to 15+ years. Moreover, the smart and handy design also allows easy disassembly and replacement. Truong Thang offers the option of opening the wooden grip or pressing the Tip-on assist system.


  • Deliverables and installations nationwide 
  • 3-year warranty. Lifetime maintenance

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