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The Urban kitchen cabinet was born out of the need to create convenient kitchen solutions for urban dwellers. Its smart layout, scientific workflow, optimal storage capabilities, and the integration of decorative cabinets elevate the cooking experience. With flexibility and a wide range of styles and sizes, the Urban kitchen cabinet offers a suitable choice for each customer’s lifestyle.

Science and convenience in a kitchen space. Besides, the bright wood color, combined with glass doors and decorative shelves, creates a functional and aesthetic overall look for the Urban kitchen cabinet.

Optimizing storage space, even the smallest areas.

Scientifically designed cutlery tray solution, neat and tidy.

Spice drawer located beneath the cooking stove, within reach of the user; ensuring convenience and time-saving.

Truong Thang employs an under-mount sink system, ensuring both cleanliness and aesthetics.

The glass door cabinet system, combined with veneer materials, adds a touch of luxury to the overall kitchen space; enhancing inspiration every time you step into the cooking area.

The modern Urban wood kitchen cabinet features an integrated decorative cabinet on the kitchen island.

The open decorative shelf is applied to the Urban kitchen cabinet for wall-adjacent space.

The Urban kitchen cabinet opens up a multi-functional kitchen space.

Urban kitchen

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Urban kitchen