Studio bedroom set

Price as demo: 102.252.000VNĐ

Materials & colors:

Selected: Natural Oak

Joy bed: 20.899.000 đ:

Studio wardrobe: 46.700.000 đ:

Neva nightstand: 10.258.000 đ:

Studio wall headboard panel: 8.250.000 đ:

Neva TV cabinet: 16.145.000 đ:


Studio modern bedroom
  • The bedroom space is suitable for young people who love simplicity, convenience, and freedom
  • The design of flexible applications between rest and entertainment
  • Materials: Natural Oak/Walnut solid, Natural Oak/Walnut veneer
  • Free shipping
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance

Inspiring the morning full of energy and excitement as a focus of design, the modern bedroom Studio prioritizes the simplicity and convenience, and is full of youthful and liberal features. From materials, colors and design, the Studio is suitable for young people, the perfect space to start a happy day. 


1. Minimalist style full of freedom and liberality

Bringing the liberal features of mountain nature, the Studio modern bedroom is a gentle color mixing of bright Oak as center with a little white bob on background of Black Oak engineered flooring. So, the overall evokes a lively and playful image, ready for an exciting new day for homeowners. 


Joy bed – Enjoy every day

Being the emotional centered connection in the space, Joy is the bed of exhilarating pleasure. Additionally, it’s characterized by its slender design, curved edge, and compact bed foot have blown up the youthful inspiration. Joy bed is a great piece that contributes to the sublimation of emotions with Truong Thang’s Studio bedroom set.


Oak bed legs are strong and neat solid

Neva nightstand – slender and modern shape 

Bringing the pure original natural wood inside, and harmonizing the free liberal appearance outside. Neva nightstand combines with the Studio headboard panel to create a modern space. It not only helps to keep personal items conveniently but also is a decoration place, or a compact desk when needed. 


Neva nightstand harmonizes with the Studio modern bedroom

2. Modern bedroom integrates entertainment space and convenient storage

Bringing a modern minimalist design, but Studio is still designed to be flexible and fully functional, optimizing the housing space. It turns a modest area into a space for rest, entertainment, and storage.


Sliding door wardrobe helps save space in a reasonable way for a small space

The design of the Studio Wardrobe has combined the large sliding doors. It displays the beautiful horizontal wood grain veneer and the harmonious monochrome-painted cabinet doors. Elegant and modern beauty creates neatness and saves area of the room. The large-sized cabinet door combines with horizontal wood texture to create an expanded and ventilated effect for space.


The details of the recessed handle are skillfully and delicately finished

Neva TV cabinet – the place for entertainment and relaxation 


TV cabinet in bedroom is an entertainment solution to regain energy at the end of day. The design of the Neva TV cabinet is a combination between modern and minimalist. It’s not only a place to set televisions and decorative pictures, Neva also incorporates a convenient storage shelf below. It allows entertainment devices such as DVD players, microphones or books, newspapers, magazines,… and other lovely decorations.

All designs of the Studio modern bedroom aim at the convenience of the homeowner. Therefore, do not have to go to the living room or anywhere in the house to entertain. Everything has been arranged in the Studio modern bedroom.


The perfect details of Truong Thang’s Neva TV cabinet system

In conclusion, the Studio modern bedroom has been cleverly and subtly coordinated by Truong Thang. All ready for a great space to start a new day.

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  • Products delivered and installed nationwide
  • Free shipping within Ho Chi Minh City
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifetime maintenance